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Arctic Char – A True Icon of Arctic Fishing

In the most Northern reaches of the NWT, only the Arctic Char reigns supreme. No other freshwater fish thrives as successfully as these salmon-like behemoths, who can be found in the summer waters of the Arctic Ocean itself, and the many rivers and tributaries that empty into it. Arctic Char is a staple of traditional diets in the Western Arctic, and intrepid anglers will find their phenomenal flavour is matched only by their fighting strength and spectacular size.

In Canada’s North, Arctic Char grow larger than anywhere else on earth, and their flashy red bellies make them a visually exciting catch to pull in again and again. Across the Western Arctic region, young Arctic Char range from 5-9 lbs but they can get as large as 20 lbs in adulthood when they venture into the Northwest Passage and the Arctic Ocean.

At home in both environments, they provide an amazing Arctic fishing experience for fly-fishers as well as bait fishers. At these sizes, Arctic Char gives Lake Trout and Northern Pike a run for their money for the fiercest fish species in the NWT. Luckily for Northern fishing enthusiasts, this means they also always provide an unforgettable fishing experience.

To find the best places for Arctic Char fishing, there’s no better destination than Canada’s Northwest Territories. There are countless Arctic rivers in the Northwest Territories and coastal communities along the cold-water shallows of the Arctic Ocean. In the clear and uncrowded water of the NWT, there’s a good bet that your next record-setting Arctic Char is waiting.

In the Western Arctic, you’ll find many opportunities to set out on a fishing day trip from the communities along the ocean’s edge. Fishing fills an important role in the lives of people living in the Western Arctic, and many day trip operators will share their own favoured spots for the best Arctic Char fishing.

The Northwest Territories is among the best places in the world for Arctic Char fishing, whether you appreciate the simple pleasures of a day out on the water or you’re looking to land your next trophy Arctic Char. Discover what waits for you in the spectacular waters of the NWT.