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Arctic Grayling

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Arctic Grayling – Famous for its Fin and Fight

Fishing for arctic grayling in the Northwest Territories can be an exciting test of endurance. Arctic grayling are known for being small, bitey, and so active they will have you whipping your fly line so often that you’ll quickly lose count of how many you catch. It’s easy to see why they’re a favourite among fly fishers – arctic grayling are absolutely beautiful with a prominent dorsal fin that looks simply spectacular in the water and in your photos. Come North to experience fast-paced fishing in the slow streams of the Northwest Territories.

Fishing for arctic grayling in the Northwest Territories will take you to some of the most scenic and serene fishing spots in Canada’s North. These iridescent fish prefer the crystal-clear water of the NWT’s slow-moving rivers. This makes them a favourite for fly fishers, who can enjoy wading into the water just downstream from the spectacular waterfalls across the territory to knock back grayling to the soothing sounds of the undisturbed landscape around them.

Despite their size, arctic grayling still make for feisty fishing. The arctic grayling rivals the smallmouth bass with its jarring strikes, spectacular aerial somersaults, short powerful runs, and a preference for avoiding the net. Fly fishing enthusiasts who come to the Northwest Territories get to use their light and ultra-light rods, using dry flies or small spinners to pick arctic grayling out of the water.

In the NWT you’ll find fishing day trip operators and fishing lodges all promising an unforgettable arctic grayling fishing experience on waters across the territory – and they aren’t exaggerating! There are countless clear rivers and pristine waterways in the Northwest Territories that make for the perfect fishing day trip. Fishing lodges and day-trip operators are spread as far across the North as the fish themselves, each with their own favoured spots for the best arctic grayling fishing in Canada.

The Northwest Territories is among the best places in the world for arctic grayling fishing. Whether you appreciate the simple pleasures of a day out on the water or you’re looking to land your next trophy, discover what waits for you in the spectacular waters of the NWT.