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Northern Pike

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Northern Pike – Fierce, Insatiable, and Everywhere You Look

Powerful fighters, streamlined and lightning-fast, and with an appetite fitting their equally impressive maws – Northern Pike in the NWT are top predators and offer an undeniably exciting Northern fishing experience in Canada. Bring your fly rod or spinning gear because these monsters lurk in the warm shallows, ready to bite at anything. Wade into the water and be prepared for feisty and exciting takes. The best Northern Pike are waiting in the crystal-clear waters of the NWT.

Like the lordly Lake Trout and colossal Arctic Char, Northern Pike are absolutely massive in the Northwest Territories. In the shallow waters of the North Arm of Great Slave Lake, it’s not uncommon to spot 10 kg (22 lbs) Northern Pike lurking in the bays and slow-moving channels, and trophy-sized Pike are can grow larger than 18 kg (40 lbs).

At these record sizes, Northern Pike have an appetite to match and they’ll bite at just about anything that looks like food. They prefer warm, slow-moving areas where they lie in wait for anything they can swallow, and are hard-hitting and fast on the line. Hook one on a fly rod or spinning gear and you’ll be in for the fight of your life. Medium to large-sized spoons, jerk baits, bucktail spinners and swim baits are all appealing lures for a feisty Northern Pike, and the clear unpolluted waters of the NWT make sight casting for them among the shallows a surefire way to grab the attention of a particular pike.

In the NWT you’ll find fishing day trip operators and fishing lodges all promising an unforgettable North Pike fishing experience on waters across the territory – and they aren’t exaggerating! There are countless calm rivers and peaceful points in the Northwest Territories, and there’s a good bet that your next record-setting pike is waiting in any one of them. Fishing lodges and day-trip operators are spread as far across the North as the fish themselves, each with their own favoured spots for the best Northern Pike fishing in Canada.

The Northwest Territories is among the best places in the world for Northern Pike fishing, whether you appreciate the simple pleasures of a day out on the water or you’re looking to land your next trophy. Discover what waits for you in the spectacular waters of the NWT.