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Fishing Day Trips

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 Let us take you to the best fishing spots just outside our communities

The legendary lakes and renowned rivers of the Northwest Territories are known for providing unforgettable fishing experiences. The sheer amount of amazing fishing spots means enthusiasts are never far from a top-notch spot. It’s why the NWT has a reputation for being one of Canada’s best fishing destinations. Whether you’re after a day of contemplative serenity surrounded by natural beauty or you’re ready to fight a leviathan from the depths, you’ll easily find a four-to-six-hour fishing excursion that takes you somewhere unforgettable.

Come enjoy the ease and convenience of a fishing day trip in the NWT, where the best fishing experience is always within reach.

From Hay River in the south to Tuktoyaktuk in the north and every community in between, there is nothing more universal than the love of getting out for a day of fishing. From the mountain streams running through the Sahtu and Dehcho in the west to the towering lakeside cliffs of Great Slave Lake’s east arm, our waterways run through every incredible landscape of the North. Where their pristine waters lead, you’ll find the largest, fiercest, and most plentiful fish imaginable.

Booking a fishing day trip in the NWT can be as simple as finding a local operator who is ready to leave the next day, or chartering a floatplane to fly you in and out of a completely private and unbelievably immersive Northern fishing experience. Guides and operators know the best fishing spots around their communities extraordinarily well, and they’ll gladly bring you out to enjoy a day on the water surrounded by the beautiful North.

The fish in the NWT are just as spectacular as the land itself. Anglers from around the world come here to catch record-setting lake trout, the undisputed lords of the lake. Or, enjoy some of Canada’s best fly fishing  – the pristine waters make sight casting for gargantuan northern pike or feisty arctic grayling an exciting experience.

With so much access, getting out on the waters for a fishing day trip in the NWT is remarkably easy. The best fishing spots are never far from wherever the desire strikes you, and there is always someone getting ready to get you out on the water for a day to see what you pull in. Book your day trip and see why the Northwest Territories has a reputation for being one of the best fishing destinations in Canada.