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Whitefish – The most sought-after fish in the Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is known for its world-class lake whitefish fishing. In every region of the territory, you can find these cold-water fish schooling in lakes and waiting to bite at simple line and jig setups. Lake whitefish are a staple of fishing in Canada’s North. In the NWT they are as plentiful as they are tasty – you’ll surely discover this at any local restaurant, but nothing quite beats the experience of a freshly-fried Whitefish shore lunch. Catch lake whitefish in the farthest breath-taking corners of the territory or from right in Yellowknife.


Fishing for lake whitefish in the Northwest Territories is extremely popular, and the sheer number of spectacular clear water lakes makes it an exciting opportunity for novice fishers and experienced anglers both. Lake whitefish can grow up 5lbs – 2.3 kilos – smaller than the colossal lords of the lake like lake trout or northern pike, but lake whitefish are still decent fighters. Cast a line out into the nearest lake, where the whitefish are ready to make your Canadian fishing trip an exciting one.

In the NWT, you’ll attract lake whitefish with small jigs and deep flies. Whitefish prefer to hunt along the bottom of the North’s pristine lakes, but will come up to the surface to take advantage of surface prey when the water is open. Whitefish themselves are hunted by beastly behemoths like the northern pike and lake trout. If you’re out on a fishing day trip, you’ll likely attract the attention of these trophy fish as well.

In the NWT you’ll find fishing day trip operators and fishing lodges all promising an unforgettable lake whitefish fishing experience on waters across the territory – and they aren’t exaggerating! There are countless clear lakes and pristine waterways in the Northwest Territories, and there’s a good bet that your next record-setting whitefish is waiting in any one of them. Fishing lodges and day-trip operators are spread as far across the North as the fish themselves. Each with their own favoured spots for the best lake whitefish fishing in Canada.

The Northwest Territories is among the best places in the world for lake whitefish fishing, whether you appreciate the simple pleasures of a day out on the water or you’re looking to land your next trophy. Discover what waits for you in the spectacular waters of the NWT.