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Sahtu Staycation

Mountain in the Sahtu region of the Northwest Territories

Sahtu Staycation

Last summer, Yellowknife residents and avid travellers, Lynda Yonge and Richard Zieba were looking for the perfect summer excursion. What they found was the Ten Stone Mountain Lodge, a fly-in paradise nestled in the remote Mackenzie Mountains. 

For both Lynda and Richard, one of the most appealing aspects of the trip was the chance to see both wolves and caribou in what they described as “absolute pristine wilderness.” 

Ten Stone Lodge in the Sahtu region of the Northwest territories

During their week-long stay, the adventurous couple enjoyed many hikes on nearby trails amongst the stunning scenery around Hay Lake. Experienced backcountry hikers, they welcomed the luxury of carrying less equipment, taking a hot shower, and sleeping in a comfortable bed in a warm cabin at the end of a day-long adventure. Richard explains, “I think one of the attractions for me was that I'd hiked in that area before carrying a big heavy pack. This time we were able to hike without having to worry about [the weight].” Being able to enjoy the scenic mountain views from the lodge's deck was also a huge plus.

A group of hikers at Ten Stone Lodge in the Northwest territories

Whether it's hiking through the Mackenzie Mountains, looking at wildlife, or just spending the day relaxing at the lodge, Ten Stone Lodge has something spectacular for everybody planning to staycation this summer.


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