No roads? No problem.

No roads? No problem.

Norman Wells is a flightseeing paradise. From here, aerial tours glide off in all directions – including across the Mackenzie and into the jagged mountain range beyond, where stunning landmarks provide a spectacle to spectators from above.

Dodo Canyon

Like a bit of the Desert Southwest transported to the Arctic Circle, Dodo Canyon is a red-rock badlands – a deep, scenic gulch carved out by a meandering river. The walls of the arroyo feature spires and hoodoos that would make Arizona proud. In winter, frozen waterfalls add even more dazzle. 

Alpine vistas

The uttermost arm of the Rockies, the Mackenzie Mountains are Canada's northern spine, dividing the Mackenzie and Yukon drainages. Peaks 9,000 feet high pierce the heavens, and alpine tundra reaches to the far horizon, wandered by mountain caribou, huge moose, grizzlies and more. 

Carcajou Falls

Just one of several gushing cascades to be found near Norman Wells, Carcajou splashes over a stony escarpment, sending spray into the mountain air. It's considered one of the most idyllic waterfalls in the Northland, and it's almost never visited – except by lucky flightseers like you.  

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