Walk among the footsteps of Dene ancestors

The path behind Bobby Norwegian's home on the Rabbitskin River is more than 900 years old. “It has been used through the centuries by our nomadic people that are hunting and living off the land," said the Dehcho Dene guide and raconteur. “This trail here existed long before Christopher Columbus even set foot on this part of the world."

Norwegian owns and operates Tah-Chay Adventures based in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories. He gives guided tours of the Mackenzie River (known locally as Deh Cho, or Big River) and of the home he grew up in on the nearby Rabbitskin River. There, Norwegian shares stories and the traditional ways that have allowed his culture to thrive for countless generations. Walking the path of his ancestors, Norwegian points out tree barks that are used as salves to treat wounds and plants consumed for energy, all while entertaining guests with legendary stories and local history.

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