In size, it outstrips more than a third of the world’s sovereign nations. It dwarfs Denmark. Overshadows Taiwan. Jamaica could fit in its pocket. In landscapes, it is indomitable: home to boreal barrens that unfurl to the far horizon, and the wrinkled Caribou Mountains, and caves and craters and great plains of salt that shimmer in the unsetting sun. Wanna take it all in? Here's the scoop on visiting Wood Buffalo and the nearby town of Fort Smith

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In waters, it whispers and roars. Here is the largest freshwater river delta on Earth – a sub-Arctic Amazon. Here are the rivers the glut the North – the Athabaska, the Peace, the fearsome Slave. Here, pelicans frolic in the surf. Canoes slide along saltwater creeks. Kayakers cheat death among waves as big as a house.

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In beasts, it abounds. It rumbles with the hoofbeats of ancient herds. It’s rare bird-life rivals that of the tropics. The biggest beaver dam has been here for decades, hiding in place so remote that no one noticed it until it was spotted from space.

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In human population it barely beats the moon – a few dozen visitors at any given time. You’ll have all this wonderment to yourself when you pay a visit to Wood Buffalo, our biggest, most intriguing, most accessible national park.

Intrigued by our big wild park? Here's more on adventures in Wood Buffalo


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