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21 serene spaces where you can really chill out in the Northwest Territories

The tundra comes alive in the NWT.

21 serene spaces where you can really chill out in the Northwest Territories

Life can be stressful in the city. But it sure isn't in the Northwest Territories. Check out all these places where you can put your feet up, unwind, and enjoy the sound of silence.

Blachford Lake Lodge in the NWT

1. Breathe in deep the healing air of this frosty forest near Blachford Lake Lodge ... 

Glacier Lake in the NWT

2. Or crouch down beside Glacier Lake, in Nahanni National Park Reserve, and let your mind go blank as you watch the water ripple ... 

Arctic cotton on the tundra.

3. Maybe just stretch out in a fluffy field of Arctic cotton outside Tuktoyaktuk and look at the shapes the clouds make. 

A bull caribou in the NWT.

4. Here's a bull caribou, living in the moment, wandering along the Barrenlands

Fish underwater in Great Slave Lake in the NWT

5. This trout seems really mellow. It must be nice to just swim around all day in a pristine lake.

Cliffs on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake.

6. Float along these shore cliffs on the East Arm, gently washed by Great Slave Lake.

Fireweed growing in the NWT.

7. Take the time to smell the fireweed, which grows all over the subarctic.

A rain shower moves across Great Bear Lake.

8. Is anything more calming than the patter of a gently falling rain on a lake? Enjoy getting caught in a summer shower moving across Great Bear Lake.

Dusk on the Keele River at Nááts'ihch'oh National Park Reserve in the NWT.

9. Marvel in wonder at a dusky sky on the Keele River in Nááts'ihch'oh National Park Reserve.

The Northern lights above Pine Lake in Wood Buffalo National Park.

10. The Aurora is magical over Pine Lake in Wood Buffalo National Park. Get lost in the mystical dance of the cosmos and be stilled by the beauty of the natural world.

A brook in the NWT's Mackenzie Mountains.

11. Wouldn't it be nice to set up camp beside this gurgling brook in the Mackenzie Mountains and have a drink of its refreshing waters?

The colours along the Dempster Highway in the NWT.

12. Stroll among the brilliant reds and oranges of the autumn tundra alongside the remote Dempster Highway with only the delicious berries squeezed by your thumb and pointer finger on your mind.

Bison in the NWT.

13. A grazing bison could probably teach a master class about taking life as it comes, couldn't it?

Mist cloaks the South Slave lowlands.

14. Sink into the mist cloaking the South Slave lowlands.

The Natla River in the NWT.

15. The only distraction at this lookout over the Natla River is the odd loon call.

Nahanni Mountain Lodge on Little Doctor Lake in the NWT.

16. Little Doctor Lake = Most. Relaxing. Campfire. Ever. 

The Northern Lights above the Hay River Gorge.

17. Bask in the awe-inducing glow of the Northern Lights above the Hay River Gorge.

Rock art in Yellowknife's Old Town.

18. Get lost in the art that adorns Yellowknife's Old Town neighbourhood.

Tuktut Nogait Park in the NWT

19. Travel back in time by looking over the rim of this slot canyon in Tuktut Nogait National Park.

The Mackenzie Delta in the NWT.

20. Try counting the lakes and ponds in the Mackenzie River Delta to clear your troubles and worries from your thoughts...


Muskoxen on Banks Island.

21. And let your mind go blank, like a muskoxen chewing on grass on Banks Island under a midnight sun.

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