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Seven Ways Hay River will inspire you

Seven Ways Hay River with northern lights

Seven Ways Hay River will inspire you

Located on the south shore of Great Slave Lake, Hay River offers sandy beaches and magnificent waterfalls. In winter snowshoe on a frozen river to ice sculptured falls between steep ravines. Stand under an Aurora you can almost touch and skies so big that heaven seems within reach. Fish for monsters of the deep, dogsled in a boreal wonderland and experience a rich culture and history.

Hay River is a year-round outdoor paradise about a half day's drive from Yellowknife, Edmonton, Fort St. John or Grande Prairie.

the beach

1. Hit the beach

Relax on a sunny sand beach stretching along the south shore of Canada's second largest lake, Great Slave Lake. In summer enjoy over 20 hours of daylight. Huge piles of driftwood create cozy resting places and intriguing photo opportunities along the shoreline.

2. Snowshoe the river

By mid-winter, the Hay River boasts some of the best snowshoeing in the North. Explore myriad channels, the harbour, and the winter resting place of Mackenzie River barges. Watch for dog teams exercising on river trails, or set a line to fish below the ice.

our falls

3. Fall in love with our falls

Sightsee at two cascades on the Hay River, just a short drive south. There's the thundering Alexandra Falls, a 33-metre-high drop, and Louise Falls, a tiered waterfall with a dizzying staircase leading down to the very edge of the fast flowing river. Pack a picnic and enjoy a day on the trails in wooded Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park.

 Aurora you can almost touch

4. Aurora you can almost touch

From late August through the winter, the Aurora dances overhead on clear dark nights. Choose a viewing spot by the lake, or on the shore of the Hay River, or catch the magical skies at Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park.

fishing in NWT

5. A place where monsters exist

Hay River is home to a small fishing fleet, that shares its catch on the docks each summer Saturday. You don't have to go far from town to tackle some of the biggest, wildest, purest, hardest-fighting fish in the world. Cast a line on the river or venture out on the big lake with a guide. You’re likely to reel in one or several monsters on a single trip, for an unforgettable day on the water.

Ride with the Dogs

6. Ride with the Dogs

Dogs and dogsleds are still part of life in Canada's North. In Hay River, join a veteran dog musher for a peek into a dog’s daily routine. For a taste of tradition, hitch a ride on a dogsled and glide silently along groomed trails.

Northern Culture

7. Experience Northern Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the people of Hay River. The area was a favorite location for fishing and annual gatherings of the Dene, the Indigenous people. Community feasts, traditional games and special events still mark the Hay River calendar. In addition, Hay River has a long established transportation and business community.

Visit Hay River and charge your life with inspiration.


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