Here's a rundown of 10 selfie spots in the Northwest Territories Parks. Share yours with #SpectacularNWT.

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The 60th Parallel Territorial Park on the Hay River welcomes Northwest Territories highway travellers from Alberta. There's a visitor centre here, too.

Selfie Stop: The Welcome to the Northwest Territories sign at the 60th Parallel.

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Twin Falls Territorial Park has a variety of trails, picnic areas and waterfalls to explore. This is Alexandra Falls, the first of two in the park.

Selfie Stop: Dramatic Alexandra Falls, which plummets 105 feet (32m).

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Don't miss the wedding cake design of Louise Falls in Twin Falls Territorial Park on the Hay River south of the town of Hay River.

Selfie Stop: The views from the spiral staircase, or the cool staircase itself.

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Hay River Territorial Park has a campground close to the shoreline and a sandy beach. It is located on the south shore of one of North America's largest lakes, Great Slave Lake.

Selfie Stop: A sandy beach in the NWT. Who knew?

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Near Kakisa, west of Hay River, Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park has trails, a campground sheltered by tall spruce trees, and excellent fishing.

Selfie Stop: You behind the falls!

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Prelude Lake Territorial Park, on the Ingraham Trail east of Yellowknife features an interpretive trail, campground, boat launch, boat rentals and a large lake suitable for a day's fishing.

Selfie Stop: A panorama of the lake from the hiking trail.

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The attraction at Cameron Falls River Crossing Territorial Day Use Area is access to a stunning waterfall with calm pools for a refreshing dip on a hot day.

Selfie Stop: From the bridge, overlooking the falls.

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On the Dempster Highway the Gwich'in Territorial Park offers trails and spectacular lookouts over the vast Mackenzie Delta. This is Tithegeh Chii Vitaii.

Selfie Stop: Pose at the scenic lookout.

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Just outside Inuvik is a prime bird-watching area with an abundance of falcons, eagles and ducks plus cranberries, blueberries and cloudberries growing in the area for snacking.

Selfie Stop: The view from the observation tower is well worth the climb!

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This picturesque structure is the Western Arctic Regional Visitor Centre in Inuvik. The design evokes a traditional Inuvialuit log house, once common in this area.  Inside, collect your certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle.

Selfie Stop: Get a shot of the Great Northern Arts Festival sculpture outside of the centre, which features symbols representing the cultural diversity of the NWT.

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